Project Info


The project „Bicycle Oasis“ – BicOa is financed through Hungary – Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme. Partners in this project (city of Koprivnica as LB and Heviz municipality as PP1) are well known for its eco-active and medical tourism and cycling culture. This project is another step towards expanding existing offer in tourism through promoting cycling culture. The project will implement new offer and service and motivate tourists to use bikes and points of interest even more. Based on planned activities within the project it can easily be stated that project fits into specific objectives of the Programme. The idea behind the project is to set up a small scale high tech bike sharing systems, digitalize existing cycling routes in the areas and motivate tourists to take advantage of this new service. Bike sharing system would be developed based on the points of interest (tourist attractions) that exist in partner areas, either medical, cultural, sport, gastronomy or historical and along with digitalized routes is a great marketing tool for popularization of tourism and cycling.

Main targeted group in this project are tourists and owners of tourist attractions, while indirect target groups are local authorities, citizens and local economy. Outputs that will be used to carry out the main idea of the project are implementation of the bike sharing system, digitalization of the cycling routes along with the relevant data (bike sharing stations and tourist offer) and compatible for use on the web site and smart phones, development of the cycling study, project web site, 2 project conferences, 2 visits to 2 different EU cites with existing bike sharing systems, promotional activities, project work shops and project info days. All these outputs will help project partners popularize cycling and cycling routes even more and expand the use of points of interest (such as lake Heviz, city swimming pool in Koprivnica, restaurants, cultural offer and similar on both sides of the border and similar) through use of bike sharing systems.

Lead Beneficiary: City of Koprivnica
Project partner: Municipality of Heviz
Area of project implementation:
Cities: Koprivnica, Heviz
Counties: Koprivničko-križevačka, Zala megye
The total project budget is 599.809,60 € out of which 85% is co-financed by the EU.
Period of implementation: 01 March 2013 – 31 October 2014


Outputs that will be used to carry out the main idea of the project are implementation of the 2 bike sharing systems (bicycles, bicycle stations, IT and surveillance system) each with 4 docking stations and 30 bikes, publicly available GIS maps (digitalization of the cycling routes and bike sharing stations along with tourist attractions in areas of LB and PP1) compatible for use on the web site and smartphones, paper maps, development of the cycling study (analysis of effects of bike sharing system on tourism, potential approaches to further development of this offer, definition of desired long term goals of bike sharing system and its effects and overall cycling strategy), project web site, 4 conferences, 2 visits to 2 different EU cites with existing bike sharing system, promotional activities, 2 project work shops and 4 project info days on each side of the border. Combination of these outputs is necessary to achieve stated overall and specific objectives in the region.


  1. Development of the tourist offer through positioning of project partners as a unique and eco-active tourist destination (main objective)
  2. Activation of all tourism potentials
  3. Development of unique service in the cross-border region
  4. Unify active tourism and environmental protection

Of the Project

Target groups (tourists, owners of tourist attractions, local authorities, citizens and local economy) are receiving entirely new service that will allow them to experience the qualities this region posses through eco-active and innovative approach. It will also help partner areas to raise standards of quality tourist offer and create social and economic sustainability.

On a long run this project will enable better communication with tourist and further development with new tourist offers and contents. The project also helps project partners reach their CO2 emission targets. Public will be influenced through this project strongly in 3 different ways: One is the effect this project will have through activation of tourist potentials where public will primarily benefit economically. Second is the fact that public will be reminded and motivated through this project to use bikes and tourist attractions disseminated in this project. And last but not the least is the decrease in traffic (noise and CO2 emissions).


Bicycle oasis project has great innovative and added value in the cross-border region based on the fact that is it a high-tech solution that has not yet been implemented in any of 2 countries in this IPA CBC program. Procurement procedure will define latest technologies to be used in bike sharing system as well as digitalization of routes, bike sharing stations and tourist attractions. The project will combine several high-tech approaches that have not yet been combined in the region and create unique tourist oriented service that will enable tourists to experience all the potentials of eco-active and cycling tourism. Developed GIS maps will be compatible for use on the web site and smartphones. This will allow easier approach to larger audience and it will create even better opportunity for this potential to be used.


City of Koprivnica

Koprivnica is a city in northern Croatia. It is the capital of the Koprivnica-Križevci county. In 2011 the city administrative area had a total population of 30,854, with 23,955 in the city itself. Koprivnica is situated at a strategic location – on the slopes of Bilogora and Kalnik from the south and river Drava from the north. Koprivnica is the center of this part of Podravina region.

Rich cultural heritage and strong economy contribute to development of tourist and cultural offer. There are numerous possibilities for recreation in the city, especially on the nearby Drava river and lake Šoderica. Restaurants and hagouts offer excellent traditional dishes of Podravina and traditional cultural manifestations are Podravina motives Fair and Renaissance Festival.


City of Heviz

Hévíz is a spa town in Zala County, Hungary, about 8 kilometers (5 miles) from Keszthely. The town is located near Hévíz lake, the world’s second-largest thermal lake. It provides facilities for visitors seeking to use the medicinal waters of the lake, including hotels, parks, sports and entertainment. Official population in 2012 was 4,375. The Hévíz Thermal Lake, managed by Hévíz Thermal bath Ltd. is considered a national treasure.

The town’s guests and inhabitants can choose from a range of entertainment events all year round. Besides the different events, temporary and permanent exhibitions and the surrounding settlements’ sights and programs are also offered, such as Water lily and Lifestyle Festivals.